Tuesday, 26 August 2008

This Northern Irish blog

It is flattering that this blog has been voted No 5 in Iain Dale's list of top Northern Irish blogs. And who could fail to be pleased about appearing reasonably prominently in a list led by the great Slugger O'Toole? There is a slight problem, however. This is not really a Northern Irish blog. It is written by a Dubliner based in Bath, and while it is true I do occasionally comment on Northern Irish affairs; I write more about those of the Republic these days, and my main focus is UK politics, education, culture and travel. Of course, I'm grateful for the listing; and, thanks for those votes. But the blog won't be moving from Bath to Belfast anytime soon.


Anonymous said...

Can I just add, as an English person living in England, I think I enjoy best your US politics posts.

Anonymous said...

No jackeens wanted in any case :)