Wednesday, 1 April 2009

50 years of Ronnie Scott's

To Ronnie Scott's last night for the first time in this the jazz club's 50th anniversary year. There are those who miss the smoke and bad food that characterised the club before its makeover. I am not among them. The club now serves better food, and it is a bit pricier, but it continues to surprise and delight with its music. I had not, to my shame, previously heard the Brazilian singer Joyce Moreno, who was singing last night her mix of brilliant Bossa Nova standards and some of her own compositions. But I will certainly listen to her again. There was also a splendid support act in Jiving Miss Daisy, with Anjali Perin singing some great 40s and 50s songs. And that's the thing about the club: you always get something good, and often different. Fifty years on, Ronnie Scott's is still bringing us great music.

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