Saturday, 18 April 2009

The ghost of GBH at work in Erith?

News today that somebody had sought to destroy the postal votes cast in the selection for a new candidate in Erith and Thamesmead brought back unpleasant memories of the 1980s. Georgia Gould, an impressive young candidate who is also the daughter of pollster Philip Gould, was set to win the nomination in the south London seat today with the support of many ordinary party members who have little time for the machinations of the badly misnamed Campaign for Labour Democracy. Pitched against her were the combined forces of dormant Trotskyism and members of a Damian McBride tribute group who have been busy smearing her supporters. New versus old politics, in other words. When it was clear that Georgia was set to triumph over the unholy alliance, somebody decided to destroy postal votes which were expected to go in her favour. Let us hope that when the contest is rerun, Georgia triumphs. But the whole business stinks. It may be pretty difficult for Labour to win the next election. Why are these people so determined to make it impossible?

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