Monday, 6 April 2009

What's up with the Tories on the NHS?

Clearly all the fame has gone to Daniel Hannan's head. Being feted by the barmy Fox News for his mad attack on Gordon Brown in the European Parliament has seen him lose whatever political nous he might once have had. Labourlist has picked up a clip where the Fox hero denounces the NHS as a socialist conspiracy/consensus and hails an American system that fails to cover 40 million people. That's the view from the privatising wing of the Tory right providing one headache for David Cameron - and it is worth seeing how supposedly sane modernising candidates have been swooning over Hannan - but at the same time, his health spokesman Andrew Lansley continues to suck up to the BMA with deeply unedifying policy consequences. Isn't it about time the media asked the Tories where exactly they stand on patients rights, choice and waiting lists?

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