Saturday, 30 May 2009

Bluegrass magic

We spent a wonderful (if slightly muggy) evening listening to brilliant bluegrass as part of the Bath Music Festival last night. The star turn was the sprightly 82-year old Dr Ralph Stanley, whose music made the Coen Brothers' O Brother Where Art Thou? so memorable. Accompanied by a fine group of musicians in his Clinch Mountain Boys, Stanley provided memorable renditions of his own music, gospel standards (including a haunting rendering of Amazing Grace) finishing after a standing ovation with the O Brother favourite Man of Constant Sorrow. Support was provided by two shorter sets from the excellent Charlie Parr and the storytelling Jerry Harmon. A great evening of music all round.


Unknown said...

I absoluly have to say that he most entertaining event of the evening was Jerry Harmon. Harmon proved to be an absolutly incredible storyteller, singer, songwriter, and all around entertainer. I am amazed we have not saw him in England before, but I hope it isn't the last time. I have learned through a friend that Jerry Harmon is now managed by Geoff Amos of Enigma Music in Yorkshire, and I found his site. This guy is worth being checked out. It is
Randy Orr Dublin

Anonymous said...

. I did not know about this blog. I am glad I found it. I also was at the festival, and it was a great show. It was a night of excellent performing. I did not get how Charlie Parr, and he was great was a part of the Appalachian Mountain Theme as he is from Minnesota if I am informed correctly. I loved the humor and music of The Smoky Mountain Gypsy Jerry Harmon, and of course Ralph Stanley, well what can you say about Ralph He is the best

Mike Rothchild said...

Thanks for the info on Jerry Harmon and his new manager.Geoff Amos. Is there anyone that has any info on when and where Jerry will be performing in England?