Saturday, 28 March 2009

A good night for Labour and Jacqui Smith

Luke Akehurst reports as ever on Thursday's by-elections. Amongst some generally encouraging results are two brilliant ones in Jacqui Smith's Redditch constituency, confirming her formidable campaigning powers and suggesting that the Tories will find it tough to defeat her in the general election, despite Redditch's marginality.

But then it is worth remembering that the swing to the Tories in Redditch in 2005 was precisely zilch.

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Alex Ross-Shaw said...

If only you knew what was to come the next day when you made this post eh?

Interesting there was no swing, I'm not sure it will be enough but you'd have to think that in Redditch there'd be massive swings to the Tories right now.

The mainstream press have basically declared her DOA at the next election, after seeing these results I'm not so sure.