Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Selfless gerrymandering is not political reform

I'm sure the tabloids will applaud David Cameron for his plans to cut ministerial salaries and raise the price of a pint in the Commons. But anyone who seriously cares about our democracy must worry about his selfless plans to entrench a Tory government by cutting the number of MPs from 645 to 585 and neutering the independent body charged with policing political shenanigans.

If he were seriously concerned about making politics more relevant, he would embrace electoral reform. But then, as with his tabloid-friendly humiliation of one of the more human characters on his front bench, this isn't about serious reform. It is just about making Cameron look good for a day's headlines. But he will soon find that a good day's headlines today can be a big headache tomorrow, especially if he does make it to No 10.

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