Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The success of Mossbourne

John Rentoul rightly highlighted reports of the success of Mossbourne Academy in Hackney in this, the first year that its pupils were old enough to do GCSEs. Having spent a day visiting the remarkable school in the company of its no-nonsense head Sir Michael Wilshaw, I am not surprised by the academy's success. One crucial feature that other schools - particularly in inner city areas - might draw upon is the separate Year 7, where pupils are kept apart from older pupils as they adjust to the huge changes that transition brings. Academies are one of Labour's great education success stories, and are directly addressing the failure of schools to show ambition in poorer areas. Mossbourne had become the poster boy for the movement before this year's GCSE results. Now - as the 34th highest achieving non-selective school in the country (based on 5 A-C incl English and Maths) - it is a reputation that has truly been earned.

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