Saturday 25 August 2007

Seaside renaissance?

James's Collard's article about the revival of Blackpool in today's Times is one part of the fightback by what is apparently still Britain's most popular resort, suffering badly by the decision not to award it the supercasino that could help to transform its fortunes. It certainly needs a transformation,and has the potential to copy the success of Atlantic City. I have stayed in the town - for conferences - far more often than was good for me. Too much of the accommodation was shoddy and overpriced for what was provided. The conference facilities were lousy, compared to Brighton, Bournemouth, Glasgow or the brilliant Manchester. And you had to leave town for a half-decent meal. So it is good to hear Blackpool is starting to take all this seriously. Other seaside resorts are already far more attractive. We stayed in Weymouth a few weeks ago at the delightful Chandler's hotel and had a first class meal in Perry's restaurant. And last night, we enjoyed an excellent dinner at one of a growing band of good new restaurants in Weston-super-Mare. Most people's expectations have changed since the 1950s when Blackpool had its heyday: the town needs to adapt to survive.

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Anonymous said...

I too enjoyed a fabulous meal in Weston-super-Mare on Friday night at The Cove Restaurant. It is first class and overlooks the felt as though we could've been on the French Rivierra, it was so lovely. Weston-super-Mare is at last becoming the real gateway to the South West that it should be. People don't want Kiss Me Quick hats and candy floss anymore. I am proud to be a District Councillor during this exciting time of positive change in Weston-super-Mare.