Monday, 10 September 2007

Have the faith

I am delighted to see that the government is reasserting the importance of faith schools, and keeping to a commitment made in the 2005 education white paper to enable more such schools to move from the unregulated independent sector into the regulated maintained sector. Faith schools can be one of the best ways of increasing social mobility for ethnic minority communities: for all their flaws that is exactly what Catholic schools in Britain did for the Irish.

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Anonymous said...

There's an especially lovely chapter in the document explaining how it's ok for increasing numbers of state funded schools to select teaching staff on the basis of their beliefs.

All always delighted to see Labour colleagues endorsing the expansion of discrimination in our public services.

I also see the church of england state their desire to represent "their" communities and get schools to cover the wider community i.e. they want to grab as many schools as they can get their hands on.

I struggle to see how this depressing sucking up to vested intersts by our govt is even centrist in nature let alone centre-left.