Friday 15 February 2008

Lee Jasper's suspension

Ken Livingstone should have suspended Lee Jasper much sooner. The allegations - and the apparent evidence - of wrongdoing were fairly compelling weeks ago. Particularly disgraceful was the way in which Jasper's personal dislike of Trevor Phillips was allowed to be turned into a vendetta apparently using public money. That Ken has waited so long to make his move may suggest a commendable loyalty to a friend, but it was bad politics. Whether or not the various enterprises to which Jasper lent his support turn out to be the turkeys they are portrayed as in the media remains to be seen. But the whole affair can only have given Boris a boost that he doesn't deserve.


Anonymous said...

My fellow Londoners,please indulge me in full...Memo to ken liarstone,captain of the ill fated 'Titanic gla',stop right now saying the words 'racist' , 'black community' or 'smear', in the context of 'chief burser jasper',its insulting and yet again patronising,get this into your head and grab a life jacket,lee jasper does not represent the black community,-its an outdated idea-given a job by you,he has failed on every level,and when will he come on the radio and fully explain what's gone on,the flawed and failing mayor with jasper have been exposed,-now we have a plot to save jasper- he resigns with a full pension,and no doubt gets another job in local govt,ken liarstone tries to survive,forget it,the band plays on without you,London go forward,not backwards..
gla candidate jonnie of brixton..

Anonymous said...

With Boris The Bore as Mayor, London won't go forwards, but back into the Dark Ages. He will rape the city as Lord Archer would have done had people been stupid enough to give him the chance.