Saturday 10 May 2008

The Democrats should not be bullied by the media into making the wrong decision

The media have now decided (again, though with an air of weary finality this time) that Hillary Clinton cannot win the Democratic nomination. With some, like the Guardian and the BBC's North American editor, the sense is that, in their not so humble opinions, she should never have tried to do so either. So what do the American public think? A new poll for Bloomberg and the LA Times shows that Hillary would beat McCain by nine points, compared with Obama's six-point margin. Add to that the fact that Hillary beats McCain by significant margins in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida, whereas Obama barely squeaks Pennsylvania, and loses the other two. Perhaps then one can understand why the remaining superdelegates are not rushing to ditch a potential winner for one who is by no means certain of defeating McCain in the autumn (and most of whose victories come from liberal caucuses in Republican states) - however impatient the media may be with them for their defiant impertinence.

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