Tuesday 2 December 2008

Has Cameron's attack on the police hurt the Tories?

After some disappointing polls for Labour following last week's PBR, along comes one to put a spring back in Gordon Brown's step. That's Tories 37, Labour 36. The Independent sees it as a positive verdict on the PBR. But as the only poll conducted after the arrest of Damian Green, could the voters be telling David Cameron that they don't want politicians to be trying to undermine the police in their investigations?

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Anonymous said...

I think the Tories' decision to revive the 'Labour's Tax Bombshell' campaign is chiefly to blame. Voters have been painfully reminded just who it who put taxes up 21 times following the Tories' 1992 reelection. Besides, as a worlwide recession begins to bite, no-one gives two hoots about Damian Green.