Saturday, 11 April 2009

Brown is better without the Damian McBrides

Damian McBride was right to resign for having sent the controversial emails suggesting smearing senior Tories. Apart from the inappropriateness and stupidity of the supposed content, it is quite extraordinary that McBride thought fit to set his thoughts down on emails, given the chequered history of such content. But the bigger issue is that Gordon Brown recognised that McBride was doing him little good when he sidelined him last year. Smears should have no place in politics - whether it comes from the likes of McBride or through Guido. And Brown is better off without those who think otherwise.

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Zokko said...

Before the Tories crow about this, they should be made to recall the infamous 'Maples Memo' - leaked during the Major administration - in which senior Tory John Maples recommended that 'some of the back-bench yobbos should rough ( Tony Blair ) up a bit.'. It went on to suggest that Tory government policies were being created purely to damage Labour rather than for the country's good.