Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Full disclosure

Well done to George Foulkes for his pricking the pomposity of BBC interviewers in this gem from News 24. MPs earn £64,000 a year; but News 24 presenters get £92,000, reveals Carrie Gracie. She will be popular in the BBC News canteen.

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Chris said...

I quite agree, £92 grand for reading from an prompter and saying 'and now the weather'...

I wish more people would see this whole thing as the dirty Tory media plot it is.
They are desperate to get an early election called and to paint the PM as the villain. So they:

1.Some unscrupulous insider to steals these documents from the Commons (why is the editor of the Telegraph not under arrest for handling stolen goods??)
2 Get the public into a frenzy and damage the whole system with a view to imploding it.
3 Right on cue the Tory leader comes out painted as the media as the knight in shining armor who is going to clean up the system and make his MPs pay the money back. His MPs who have nothing to fear from being the fall guys to make it look like the Telegraph plot is not just aimed at Labour.

The right wing press in this country, with allies like the disgusting Kate Hoey who writes for the Torygraph and Chairs the Countryside Alliance bloodsports organisation alongside Tory PPC Simon Hart, are determined to orchestrate an early election.

Speake Michael Martin was right to lambast Hoey. If personal documentation is stolen that is a crime that must be dealt with.