Friday, 17 July 2009

David Storey's Home at Bath

To see a very fine revival of David Storey's Home, part of the annual Peter Hall summer season at Bath's Theatre Royal. A short play with echoes of Beckett it focuses on four main characters in what initially appears to be the garden of an old folks home but turns out to be rather less straightforward. The dialogue in the first act follows an apparently inconsequential conversation between the principals - played with aplomb by David Calder and Stephen Moore - while subsequent acts bring in two female inmates - an amazingly disguised Lesley Joseph and Nicola McAuliffe - and their own eccentricities and foibles. The story is slight, but the script is in turns sparkling, witty, shocking and poignant , and shows no sense that it it is dated by its 40 years. Home runs in rep until 1 August and is well worth seeing.

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