Sunday, 2 May 2010

No spin from us, honestly (isn't that right, Andy?)

David Cameron on Marr this morning was a taste of things to come, if the polls are right. When asked where he would find the £50 billion of cuts that the respected Institute of Fiscal Studies has said that he must find, he tells us that he and his cabinet will take pay cuts, saving a few thousand quid a year. When honesty is called for - and at least Gordon Brown has promised to halve the deficit in a clear timescale, even if that too may not be enough - all we seem to get from the man who could be PM is populist spin. Then the ex-spin doctor tells us that he will be ignoring the 24-hour news cycle to pursue 'quiet effectiveness' if he gets to No 10 as he rolls up his sleeves. Even though his special advisers and spin doctors will be concentrated in his Downing Street bunker to a greater extent than ever. Expect plenty of flying pigs too.

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