Thursday, 31 July 2008

MPs speaking on their specialist subjects

Bob Marshall-Andrews and Geraldine Smith, two MPs who probably don't know what their Labour colleagues look like, so seldom do they grace the Government lobbies, have called for David Miliband to be sacked for disloyalty. Mr Marshall-Andrews apparently described the Guardian article as 'duplicitous' behaviour while Ms Smith declared he had 'overstepped the line.'

It is always good to see MPs speaking on their specialist subjects.


Chris Gale said...

There speaks 'a former adviser to Tony Blair.

If Mr Miliband is not plotting then he should throw his weight behind the PM. As it is, he and a clique of ultra Blairites are it seems plotting a coup in September.
Gordon Brown who stands head and shoulders above the lot of them should tell them to take a flying leap.

Conor Ryan said...


If you were a regular reader, you would know that this blog has been more than supportive of Gordon Brown over the last year, so I don't quite know what you mean in your first comment. I hope Gordon does get his act together in the autumn - and give a cracking conference speech of the sort he used to do and produce an economic plan that recognises realities. But the idea that MPs who are serially disloyal to the party should be calling for the head of someone who was part of the winning recipe in 1997 is frankly ludicrous.