Sunday 20 July 2008

Question Time for Cameron

Well done to Andrew Marr for finally starting to ask some questions of David Cameron. Not that he got any answers. But it made a pleasant change from the regular PPBs for the Tories on the Today programme, where Cameron is effectively asked in best 1950s style, "Now what have you got to share with us today, Mr Cameron?" There are a lot of areas where the Tories get away with pretending their policies are more thought through than they are: this blog regularly berates their BMA-pleasing anti-patient health policies; few people realise that their education policies, because they have not properly learned from the Swedish experience, would involve huge deadweight capital costs (and considerable waste as a result) which will be paid for by cancelling many school building projects already in the pipeline; and today, Cameron as good as admitted that he would put up taxes. I don't suppose Cameron is volunteering for a Paxo grilling any time soon.

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