Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Hillary can win Texas and Ohio

The Obama-maniacs have been calling on Hillary Clinton to step down, to allow their man a clear run against John McCain. But at the same time, two interesting things have been happening. First, Obama has finally started to be questioned about some dubious aspects of his past (even leading Obama cheerleader Sarah Smith had to admit as much on Channel 4 News last night, though she hoped/thought it would make no difference). And second, the polls in Texas have been slipping away from Obama in recent days (though his opposition to free trade may be narrowing the gap with Hillary in Ohio, even if it is all rather contrived). So, there is a very good chance that Hillary will win three out of four states tonight (add in Rhode Island, Obama will win Vermont), regain the momentum she lost in recent weeks and squeak the convention. If she loses all four, I'd be the first to say she should step aside. But I do hope the pundits get egg on their faces once again: contrary to received wisdom, I believe Hillary has the strength to beat McCain which an Obama, who is tetchy in the face of any criticism or hostile media and an indifferent television performer away from the set speeches, may not have.

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