Wednesday 5 March 2008

Yes, she could; yes, she can

Three out of four for Hillary, and on to Pennsylvania. The Obama campaign says that Hillary still can't win on delegate numbers because of the proportional split in the Democrat primaries. But they also ignore the fact that Hillary won handsomely in Florida - and DNC chairman Howard Dean indicated on Sunday that he would be open to a rerun of the state primary if governor Charlie Crist - who is willing to do so - agreed. And they are trying to pretend that the superdelegates have some moral obligation to vote for Obama. But they don't, anymore than MPs have to copy party members in a Labour leadership contest here. If Obama proves as flaky in the coming months as he has been the last few days, it would be the duty of the superdelegates to vote for Hillary, who would by then be the most electable candidate against John McCain. But for now, disappointment for the pundits; but a good night for the Democrats.

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Richard T said...

It's quite interesting to look at the states that Hillary Clinton has won - she has taken most of the big ones - California, New York, Florida, Massachusetts, Texas, Michigan, New Jersey where Barack Obama has just Illinois as the favourite son, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Obviously this is not the real election but if she is more popular in the states needed to win in November then that conceivably will give her an edge at the Convention assuming the delegate count is close.