Wednesday 22 October 2008

A devastating poll for Cameron

Tonight's YouGov poll for Channel 4 News in 60 key marginals brings not only real signs of a bounce for the Prime Minister, but some very bad news for the flailing leader of the Opposition.

Here are some of the devastating results:
  • The Tory lead over Labour in key battleground seats has reduced from 13 to just five points, with Labour up to 38 points.
  • 59 per cent of voters reckon David Cameron is a 'lightweight' politician.
  • Most voters recognise that the economic crisis is a worldwide crisis, rejecting Cameron's spin that it is all the government's fault.
  • 48 per cent of voters think the Tories haven't a clue what to do in an economic crisis.
  • By 41-27, voters think Brown not Cameron is the man to handle the crisis.
  • Oh, and just 12% of people rate George Osborne as a potential chancellor
It is true that the poll would still give the Tories a majority, albeit a slimmer one, and that the voters are still saying they would prefer Cameron to Brown after the next election. But this is still a remarkable recovery by Gordon Brown, with its direction likely to cause much soul-searching in Tory Central Office.

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