Sunday, 23 November 2008

Will the bombshell line bomb?

Listening to David Cameron and the ever more unconvincing George Osborne on the Sunday talk shows this morning, one is struck by how much they keep repeating the word 'bombshell'. The Mail on Sunday explains that this is part of a strategy to remind us of the golden age of John Major. Given that their economic policy has bombed so far in this crisis, is there any reason to believe that what the public really wants in time of crisis is the constant repetition of 16 year-old advertising slogans rather than a serious fiscal stimulus?


Anonymous said...

The Tories do slogans in place of policy very well. It's Labour's task to come up with decent slogans to explain policy in response.

Anonymous said...

I well remember the 'Labour's Tax Bombshell' posters from the 1992 election. I've heard of recycling but this is ridiculous. They'll be re-using 'Labour's Not Working' next.