Tuesday 8 June 2010

1,001 posts

I have now reached the dubious record of having posted 1,000 times in the just under three years that I have been writing this blog. This is post no 1001, since you ask. Since then, the convenience of Twitter has allowed me to transmit micro-reviews that I might once have written in extended form on this site. I have also been pleased to blog on other sites like Public Finance and Progress, often sharing material with readers of this site. While my readership is not in the Iain Dale league, I am pleased to receive around 2,500 visits and 1,500 unique visitors - many of them regulars - each month, adding up to over 12,000 visitors each year.

I am grateful to the websites that regularly drive traffic to this website. Aside from Google and Twitter, those that send most my way are Hopi Sen, Iain Dale, Matthew Taylor, Scenes from the Battleground, John Rentoul and Left Foot Forward. I have tried to reach a little beyond being a simple political blog in my content, touching on my own interests and prejudices, covering politics and education, but also on world events, Ireland, music and theatre, and occasional travel experiences. My ten most read posts since January 2009 reflect this moderate eclecticism:

1. Lib Dems are the big losers in the coalition
2. The real question for Gove is where will the axe fall?
3. Field or Bercow: Make a maverick speaker
4. Eating out in Keynsham
5. Alan Johnson was right to sack Prof Nutt
6. Irish woes
7. Private Lives (review)
8. Christmas in Garmisch-Partenkirchen
9. Mrs Warren's Profession (review)
10. A sense of proportion over school dinner ladies

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