Thursday 4 September 2008

Charles Clarke is contributing to the problem, rather than advancing solutions

There's quite a lot to agree with in Charles Clarke's critique of the lazy attacks on Blairites from the Compassite left and some briefers supposedly close to the Prime Minister. And his analysis of Tony Blair's record is not unreasonable. But like Luke, I cannot understand what he thinks is the point of his New Statesman article, aside from self-publicity:
the stupid, stupid timing of his completely unnecessary article has knocked all the positive policy announcements this week off the headlines and given the media the chance to reprise stories about division just as most of the Party is trying to put its weight behind a relaunch. Charles should be part of the solution but he is repeatedly making himself part of the problem.
Gordon Brown needs to be given some time and the space to show what he intends to do to address our economic woes; the stamp duty announcement this week was a small start. But he cannot do it when the political news is dominated by noises off from ex-ministers. Charles Clarke sounded more temperate on the Today programme this morning, but he was only invited to speak because of his attack in the New Statesman. By all means, let's discuss the issues. But doing so in terms that can only be interpreted as an attack on Brown contribute to the problem, rather than advancing any solutions.

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