Wednesday 10 September 2008

Transatlantic endorsements

William Hague is tut-tutting because Gordon Brown has penned an article - or, more likely, one of his political advisers has done so on his behalf - which praises Barack Obama for his "foreclosure prevention fund", whatever that may be.

According to the Shadow Foreign Secretary: "A responsible British prime minister needs to be ready to work with either presidential candidate after the US election, and should neither take sides nor be seen to be taking sides."

Quite. After all, Hague's former colleague John Major reportedly ordered the trawling of Home Office files for dirt on Bill Clinton's time as a student in the UK, during the 1992 Presidential election, and Douglas Hurd sent a message to Republican Secretary of State James Baker, "May you bring down every duck in the last flight of the shoot." (Tories sent messages like that then)

Clearly a mildly partisan article for Parliamentary Monitor is the more heinous offence.

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Anonymous said...

And William Hague himself introduced John McCain at a Conservative Party conference.