Friday 14 August 2009

A week that added to the doubts about Cameron

This week has given us the merest glimpse of what lies behind the facade of Cameron's Conservatives. Fortunately for Cameron, lots of people are on holiday. But those floating voters with doubts about his changes have had three things to add to their doubts.

  • First off, George Osborne made clear how much he wanted to see real cuts in public services, despite his fanciful pretence that measures like adding 220,000 surplus school places would save money.
  • Then, Alan Duncan, with characteristic honesty, was caught admitting what most of his Tory colleagues really think about Cameron's response to the expenses saga

  • And finally, Daniel Hannan joined the loonies on Fox again - chewing the fat with those who see him as a Prime Minister-in waiting - to trash the NHS and Obama just as Cameron was unpacking his swimming trunks.

    Meanwhile Peter Mandelson didn't put a foot wrong as he deputised for the holidaying PM. At least, Cameron can rejoice in the reselection of Anne Main as the party's standard-bearer in St Albans, can't he?

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