Monday 22 October 2007

Aussie Labor heads for landslide

With a 16-point lead in the latest polls, the Australian Labor Party is on course for a potential landslide on November 24. In a new poll for the Australian, Labor scores 58 per cent to John Howard's liberal-led coalition's 42 per cent. Half of Australians want Labor leader Kevin Rudd (pictured) as PM, against 37% for outgoing MP Howard. Rudd has won televised debates and is now opening up leads on economic credibility, the one area where Howard might have hoped to capitalise on his government's record. Even a massive tax-cutting wheeze seems to have made no difference to Howard's fortunes. Rudd has made education one of his big issues, and now enjoys a 30-point lead on the subject: one of his most important plans in the federal country is a national curriculum covering English, Maths, Science and history. It looks like the formula for victory in Australia in 2007 is not so far off that for New Labour in 1997.

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