Wednesday 3 October 2007

The moral high ground

William Hague did his best not to sound too rattled this morning by the latest ramblings of David Cameron's 'security adviser', Lady (Pauline) Neville-Jones, who was political director of the Foreign Office when Britain abandoned Bosnians to their terrible fate. Neville-Jones apparently thinks Britain has 'lost the moral high ground' over Iraq. But then this is an area in which her expertise knows no bounds. As her security review (Pdf, p12) so aptly noted:
The UK will be judged both by how we treat our own people, and also by the standards that prevail in our external behaviour. Inconsistency will be spotted.
Quite. Hague cheekily ended his Today interview by pointing out how interventionism had worked well (with Blair's support) for the people of Sierra Leone and Kosovo (where Milosevic was defeated). Ouch!

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