Wednesday 9 January 2008

The 'comeback' - Hillary should now win it

So, Hillary has won. Until two days ago, Hillary Clinton was ahead in most New Hampshire polls. But even they seem to have got caught up in the ludicrously unquestioning media support for Barack Obama. This blog has been more sceptical, but managed even to fall victim to the polls in its assumptions. Last night's Channel 4 News was a particularly egregious example of this phenomenon, with a report that combined offensive images designed to illustrate 'loser' Hillary, a pointless foray into a coffee shop with 'typical' Republicans for Obama and a two-way between Jon Snow and Sarah Smith that sneeringly wrote Clinton off. By claiming victory early, Obama has shown his ineptitude; by winning, Hillary has shown the strength of her Get Out The Vote operation. Hillary should now win the nomination.

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