Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Good for Gordon?

What is it with newspaper front pages these days? Today's Times proclaims that its poll will wipe the smile off Gordon's makeover. Really? Given that it places former PR-man Dave Cameron's 'new' Tories just four points ahead of Labour - a fact buried at the end of a tendentious story - and that much sampling was done before the PM's impressive New Year foray began, why should that be? Peter Riddell has a rather more sensible take - as one would expect - within the paper. It is true that Cameron does well on some personal characteristics. But with a strong new chief of staff in no 10, whose role includes strategic communications (something I have argued was needed) and some very strong messages on the NHS and pay policy over recent days, Cameron is the one who should be worried. In fact, given how his elevation has hit the Tories, all we need is for Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg to do something popular and the Tory lead could be wiped out.

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