Sunday 13 January 2008

Dissembling Dave ditches his EU referendum

Naturally the BBC is wanting to downplay the news that George Osborne has been concealing the funding - worth nearly £500,000 - for his office from his fellow MPs (and it is not the same thing to publish the information in the Electoral Commission files) but David Cameron had a hard job keeping a straight face on the Andrew Marr show telling us that Osborne's omission was 'totally different' from Peter Hain's failure to publish his deputy leadership donors on time.

But then Dissembling Dave also had to concede that there would not, in fact, be a referendum on the EU Treaty if he was elected, assuming (as is likely, unless my fellow countrymen try again to prevent poorer Eastern European countries from enjoying the benefits that Ireland gained from EU membership) that all the other EU states had ratified it by that stage. Quite right too, but I'm not sure all his MPs will agree. So, to be clearer than Dave was to the likes of John Redwood and his fellow Eurosceptics, there will not be a referendum on the EU in the still unlikely event that the Tories win the next election.

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