Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Hillary's under-reported triumph

Despite their chastening experience in New Hampshire, much of the British media have reverted over the last week to their conviction that Barack Obama will sweep all before him in the US elections. Florida has certainly separated out the Republican contenders, finishing Giuliani's prospects. But it has also delivered Hillary Clinton a stunning victory with a turnout higher than in other states. Despite the refusal of the Democratic party nationally to recognise Florida's delegates (as with Michigan, the state opted for an early primary against their wishes), she won 50% of the vote - with over 800,000 people voting for her - in the face of Barack-fever and the Ted Kennedy endorsement. Sure, this will have meant big Hispanic support, and Obama still carries some younger voters and has big leads among African-Americans. But last night's result suggests that Super Tuesday, where Hillary has double-digit leads in most states, including California, New York and New Jersey, will be a day of disappointment for the biased British media.

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