Wednesday 23 April 2008

Hillary's Pennsylvania victory shows again why Obama is not a winner

Last night's victory for Hillary Clinton in the key battleground state of Pennsylvania is further proof that she is the candidate most capable of beating John McCain in the Presidential election. With a convincing 10-point lead, she has managed even to move the commentators to acknowledge that she has a chance. She has shown how well she can win the Reagan Democrats whose votes help to decide whether or not a Democrat will go to the White House. Obama greatly outspent Hillary in TV advertising, to little avail; since last week's TV debate, the first time he has faced real pressure in the campaign, he has started to lose his lustre with the voters. The general election will be won or lost in the big states and the swing states: Obama has won few of either. The question now is not when will Hillary drop out, but when the super delegates will realise that they need to elect a candidate who can win a general election rather than one who simply makes them feel good?

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