Sunday, 27 April 2008

Tories turn from Question Time to Telly Addicts

According to today's Sunday Times, the Tories have taken to stereotyping swing voters by television programmes:
Party strategists have identified four archetypes based on popular television programmes to help them target swing voters. These include “Holby City worker”, a middle-ranking health service employee; “Top Gear man”, who is angry with Labour’s petty bureaucracy; the “Apprentice generation”, young professionals coming to terms with political and financial reality; and finally the “Grand Designs couple”, the young aspirational family pursuing an ethical lifestyle.
Such advertising awfulness should come as no surprise with today's Tories. David Cameron's interview with Andrew Marr this morning showed him completely unable to name a single thing he would cut (aside from "MPs' allowances", which are neither here nor there in the public finances) to be more fiscally responsible that the government he derides.

Perhaps Central Office should add another demographic - "Mad Men MPs," Opposition politicians so desperate to win, that they have abandoned policy for PR?

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Anonymous said...

"have abandoned policy for PR?"

Like New Labour then???

A plague on all your houses I say