Tuesday, 1 April 2008

The real truth about immigration

After today's Lords' report on immigration, it was good to see the ubiquitous Sir Andrew Green aka Migration Watch having the logic of his arguments properly examined on Channel 4 News tonight. When a First Bus boss explained that her company had to recruit Polish drivers because despite its many training schemes, it couldn't recruit British ones (certainly the case in Bath), Sir Andrew cheerfully suggested raising the fares to pay much higher wages. When the man from the Care Homes Association explained that its wages reflected what councils pay, hence its 30 per cent overseas workforce, pompous Sir Andrew prescribed a hike in council taxes. To what extent their Lordships factored these matters in their deliberations is unclear. But I do hope Sir Andrew's true views are exposed rather more fully in the Daily Mail and on Today in future.

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Anonymous said...

I too settled down to watch Channel 4 news tonight and saw the start of the immigration report. However, the minute I spied Andrew Green sat smugly in the studio, about to open his mouth and start bleating I turned over to Eastenders. Why oh why do they keep wheeling this bloke out?!?!