Thursday, 3 April 2008

Where the Democratic race stands now

Another excellent analysis of the US Democratic contest by Andrew Stephen in today's New Statesman. As he notes
....the next primary is on 22 April in the crucial state of Pennsylvania, demographically ideal Clinton country and where polls currently have her 16 points ahead. Should she falter in Pennsylvania, she will be finished - but a strong showing might have a significant effect on how the super-delegates view her ability to win the big, all-important states that matter so much in the general election in November. The alarming news for Obama, in fact, assuming Clinton takes Pennsylvania, is that no candidate in modern times has ever gone on to win the presidency without first being victorious in the primaries or caucuses of at least one of the nation's biggest seven states, which Obama will have failed to do.

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Anonymous said...

I admire your loyatly to Hillary but I also hope you will get fully behind Barack when he becomes the next Democrat candidate for the US presidency. I will be personally flying to the States to do my bit if he's the candidate.