Thursday, 17 April 2008

What Cameron's Tories really believe about the United Kingdom

In the middle of Fraser Nelson's argument in the Spectator today for the Tories to kick Scotland out of the union, there is this revealing passage (emphasis added):

‘If we’d have proposed cutting Scotland loose five years ago, we would have been accused of leaving it to the wolves,’ one shadow minister told me. ‘Salmond is stupid enough to see this as emancipation, so let’s do it.’ He added that his favoured policy was ‘lining the Tweed with explosives and floating Scotland off towards Iceland’ — but that fiscal autonomy was ‘the next best thing’.

It's always good to be reminded what Cameron's Tories really believe.


Anonymous said...

Worrying, particularly for those of us who believe in the continuation of the Union. Of course, it shouldn't surprise; Cameron is only concerned with post-election arithmetic, and if he isn't going to win a significant number of seats in Scotland (say, four), then he's just not interested in it. Hard to believe they used to be called The Conservative and Unionist Party. They might as well change to the English National Party.

Anonymous said...

Former Tory M.P. for Clwyd West ( Wales ) Rod Richards has just spent a night in police custody following an incident in which he thumped a canvassing Tory. I know just how he feels.